FROGGY DOO makes debut in the publishing world.

Review comments of
Scott Meredith Literary Agency, New York, NY

“In DOO WEST TO TOADSTOOL we see a goodly number of devices used to make the book as a whole clear, coherent and well-structured. All in all, it’s quite solid from the viewpoint of basic story structure.

In addition, the quality of the artwork itself is quite high, and in fact among the best I’ve seen in some time.”
In this new children's book, DOO WEST TO TOADSTOOL, Froggy related his adventures to Happy Herb McAllister who wrote them down. He turned these frog tales over to Janet Bierrum who edited the many hilarious episodes as Froggy travels west and eventually becomes the Frog Marshall of Toadstool, AZ. In July, 2011, Xlibris published the book both in soft and hard cover. Many individuals who have read DOO WEST have enjoyed the colorful adventures and dynamic illustrations.

Two song writers, Gered and Dodique, composed a song to accompany DOO WEST TO TOADSTOOL called "The Ballad of Froggy Doo." What happened to these two gents is a mystery. If someone out there has a clue as to their last names, please contact Happy Herb so he can publish the song. ©2008-2012. All Rights Reserved.